Is Your Business Dragging You Down?

Does Finding the Time for Business Development
Seem Like  a Far Off Dream?

It is For Many Overwhelmed Business Owners…

Instead of bailing and patching your boat, and passing out life jackets to your
employees, maybe it is time to start working out how to build a better boat.
Deborah Mason and NHC Solutions can help you to develop simple,
effective solutions for your most demanding business issues.



First though I need to make sure that you know that you are not alone.  Most entrepreneurs start their businesses because they dream of self determination, flexibility, being able to make all of the important decisions, and a higher level of income.  Not all businesses born of these dreams live up to the owners expectations.  Instead, these hard-working men and women end up missing out on a significant chunk of their families lives as they work very long hours, chasing clients, training and leading employees, working in the business themselves ad maybe doing the books at night when the kids are in bed because they just don’t get any free time to get to it during the day.



Much of what needs to be done to keep the business afloat is on the business owners shoulders, sometimes because there literally is no-one else in the business who could take these tasks on, but often it is because the business owner is so overwhelmed and overworked, that they just don’t have the time or energy to teach someone else how to do it.

There is no forward planning because there is no time.  Each day these business owners move from one crisis to another, never quite getting everything done.

Does that sound a bit like you perhaps?



Sometimes all we need to get the business development process started is just an hour or so.  Just an hour with no phones, no employees, no fires to put out.  Just an hour with someone who understands your pain and can help to guide you through the process of developing your business, whether than means growth, learning how to manage your critical processes, or planning in the short-term or in the long term.

All it takes is an hour…